Sashastra Seema Bal Sport App

SSB joins hands with AllSport in new, promising partnership

Why did the partnership take place?

This September saw SSB (Sashastra Seema Bal) join hands with AllSport; in an endeavour to digitalise Sports Management. A great step towards integrating into the high tech economy we thrive within today. SSB, one of India’s renowned Central Armed Police Forces, has teamed up with AllSport to endorse revolutionary digital sports Management solutions. This project is imperative to pursue, as a result of the realization that the grassroots of India’s sports industry and ecosystem are in dire need of improvement; due to prolonged neglect. After all, it is clear that within the current tech-enthusiastic economy we live in, that the industry must be empowered through this medium alone in order to be a success. the indus

It is this challenge that Allsports embraced through their collaboration with SSB, as they launched their innovative and inspiring App!


How the SSB Sports App is unique and revolutionary

‘SSB Sports App’ is a platform that encourages India’s athletes to expand their network and manage their activities within the Sports industry in numerous ways such as: Becoming aware of upcoming tournaments and their location, receiving real-time updates on activities and engaging with other members. This app is revolutionary in its adaption, using cloud-based data to culminate these Sports features to unify athletes. This feat Allsport has reached has not yet been explored within the Indian Sports industry. Thus, establishing a great achievement for India and it’s sporting ecosystem; presenting them with the ability to transcend borders, through this digital gateway.

Further advantages of the App

SSB App Launch
Sashastra Seema Bal Sports App Launch

Many may wonder the other benefits of this app? Management services are not the only outstanding characteristic of this app. The SSB Sports App has also been created to further the athletes’ eligibility in the Sports industry. This is conducted through: building a strong sports resume (creating your personalized portfolio), improving your sporting skills, generating an online schedule to manage games and tournaments and establishing connections across the nation. This journey with SSB to accumulate the greatest talents around India is a venture with limitless potential and one that will only grow and inspire. It is with this goal in mind, that the AllSports team continue to work hard to encourage India’s recognition in the Sports industry.



Recent Event insights

At a recent press release, that envisioned SSB awarding Asian Games 2018 medalists AllSport endorsed the App. A new beacon of hope for India’s sports industry, that has been welcomed nationally. The success of this event is monumentous in establishing the work of AllSport and we look forward to more like these.