VAR World Cup

The Digital Sports Revolution is here


This June 2018, Russia hosted an sports event , which is a matter of utmost importance for any country ; the 88-year-old quadrennial sports tournament is the last word in prestige, respect, and pride. But, above and beyond all the associated spoils of the World Cup is one important factor: the World Cup host nation itself. The Nation gets engraved in history with the past,exciting tales of power, politics, heist, disguises, absurd recoveries and for moments of beautiful football that the world of sports will never forget.

But Russia was destined for more, it will go down as the country to host the first World Cup tournament with VAR    (Video Assistant Referees).

VAR has been used incredibly successfully at Russia 2018 and it has received a glorious reception from all corners of the footballing world. A fine example was the first goal scored by Korea, in their game against Germany. VAR has successfully allowed referees to remain in charge of proceedings, all the while doing nothing to hamper the flow of play. Another immense success was that the broadcast teams have also been excellent at keeping viewers
updated with events at ground level as well as what is happening at the VAR room. The process will refine as it is used a bit more, but it should be a standard and a norm in football by 2022.

A revolution is coming in sports, a revolution in which each and every sport will go digital
over time, there will come a period of transition from a slower and less number of sports
undergoing the change to a more rapid and universal change. It began with practical
computerization approximately 60 years ago and is still ongoing, with drastic alterations
already observed, but with the final outcome yet to be fully realized.

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