“You’ll end up nowhere, if you pursue sports as a career”- 3 reasons why this belief is completely wrong

Have doubts on sports being a good enough career choice? Read to get answers!


Are you an Indian sports player? Or maybe a sports fan? Or anyone whose mind has ever hovered around making a career in sports?

Then, its highly probable that you would have heard the topic statement, most probably, by your parents. What’s there in sports anyways? It’s just a time-pass, never think of it as a career! It’s India, and sportspersons would never be able to stand hand in hand with the glorified professions – MBA’s, doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, and the like.

But, for once, your respected elders, might have missed the bus. Here are the top 3 reasons why we believe this-

  1. Chance to earn staggering amount of money– Let’s be very frank with ourselves. If not the topmost, income generation is surely one of the most influential factors in selecting a career path. And, if you are on the top of your game, you are behind no other professional with a chance of earning the moolah. Did you know, an approximate Rs 150 crores earned by Virat Kohli in last financial year, is 35 percent more than the sum of the earnings of what the top 3 highest paid CEOs in India-Pawan Munjal (Hero Moto corp), DB Gupta (Lupin), Aditya Puri (HDFC bank) got?


  1. Growing government support– We have always been blaming the Indian government for not doing “enough” for development of sports in India. Lack of infrastructure, red tapism, lack of accountability of sports federations, and the list goes on. But, things are changing for the better now. Schemes such as Khelo India and National sports development fund are some of the initiatives aimed at nurturing talent from the grassroots level. Moreover, this year, the union government has allocated Rs 2200 crores to ministry of youth and sports affairs (the governing body of sports in India), which is an increase of 300 crores from last year. Adding to this is the 3200 crores spent on sports infrastructure in 2017. The government is surely learning, isn’t it?


  1. The success of sporting leagues– Who isn’t aware of the success of IPL, and the enormous benefits it has bought to young Indian cricketers? And, cricketers aren’t alone who have gained from proliferation of sporting leagues in India. Take ISL (Indian Super League)-it has a grassroot program, which provides football training to more than 5 million kids under 14 years of age. In addition, some players like Romeo Fernandez, Subrata Paul and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu have earned contracts with European and Brazilian clubs, owing to their exploits in ISL! The Pro Kabaddi league, Hockey India League and Premier Badminton league aren’t behind either!


So buddies, now onwards, if someone comes up to you and says that sports is a bad career choice, you have the defence available!

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