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5 interesting facts about Simranjeet Singh

5 interesting facts about India’s star hockey player Simranjeet Singh!

Hockey world cup 2018 is going on with the full flow, and the men in blue are leaving no stone unturned to make the tricolour proud!

And, among those wearing the Odisha sponsored Jersey and weaving magic with the hockey stick, is Simranjeet Singh, India’s star midfielder, and the highest scorer in the world cup at present. But, whose this dashing surd, whose tonking goal after goal on hapless opponents?

Let’s tell you some intriguing facts about Simranjeet Singh!


Simranjeet was a part of the Indian squad, which lifted the junior world cup, held in Lucknow. And boy, he was one of the two-goal scorers in the final against Belgium too. Quite a champion since his younger days, indeed! Prodigy!


Simranjeet is not the only one in his family to have represented India in Hockey. His uncle Rashpal Singh and father Iqbal Singh were hockey players too. His cousin, Gurjant Singh, is a forward with Indian international team. Interestingly, Gurjant and Simran were the only two goal scorers for India in the junior world cup. A rare feat for the young hockey wizards!


He’s the trainee of Punjab’s famed Surjit Singh Academy. And, when we say famed, it actually is. All 9 players from Punjab, in the current world cup squad, are from this academy! Wondering how this academy is nurturing champions for India!


This man is multi-talented! Simranjeet, although primarily a midfielder, has stepped up as a linkman for the Indian team, one of the most tricky yet pertinent positions to play, and delivered splendid results. And yes, he can contribute as a forward too! That’s three in one! What more can we ask for from a player?


His idol? The great Indian centre half, former captain, Padma Shri, Sardar Singh! Simranjeet has surely set his sight high, and wishes to surpass the peaks set up by his idol!


You go, Simranjeet! Drag, flick and score for India!! And we, the team Allsport, along with the entire nation, wish you luck for your bright career and beyond!

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